Monday, 7 March 2016

Monday 7th March 2016 - Last week of community groups till next term. 

The ICT Group

The first thing that they did was to see the laptops to check out if all the keys were there.
They made poster about the laptops and they updated the laptops for example windows updates or something like that. Also they looked at animations.

The ICT group are working on a power point for the assembly. They are making a checklist for people to look at when they are getting a laptop.

The Web Group

we looked at the think you know website which gives advice about how to stay safe online.  

Fairtrade Community Group:)

On Friday 26th February we had a visit of Andy from Koolschools and Pamela from Mauritius.

Pamela was telling us all about how working in a Fairtrade Clothing Factory has helped to change her life.

Andy had some samples of Fairtrade school uniform for us to try.